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2009-03-30 12:59:38 by ThEkNoWnStRaNgEr

today i discovered that newgrounds is giving out medals for the soem games
i went to my friend's page and found thing-thing arena 3 (WOOTT!!!!!!) as one of the medal games
i started playing 1 round and got over 417 kills (HARD)
SO FUN!!!!!!!! this is what it looked like....... <tries to upload picture>......
dang wont work.... :/
oh well XD


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2009-03-30 14:12:09

Cool i wish we could see a picture but this game is alittle easy on hard even though.


2009-03-30 14:21:00

Age/Gender: 18, Female

I doubt that.

ThEkNoWnStRaNgEr responds:

well u should


2009-03-30 14:48:55

Pfft... I lol'd.